Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Personal Computers were responsible for Typewriters' extinction. My product will change the way people recruit...

Hi all

I have an innovative HR product's information to share. This product has been selected as Top 50 innovations in IT by NASSCOM in the year 2013 and has clients from the United States, India Singapore, Philippines and many more countries. Focus of this product is to reduce hiring problems..

Well, think of a situation where:

1. Face-to-face interview drop outs are almost not seen.

2. Conversion rate of candidates coming for interview is more than 80%.
3. Your recruiters and hiring managers are able see 20 recorded interviews in two hours while travelling or at home. This is because they will not have to "entertain" the wrong candidates.
4. Hiring managers are always satisfied with the candidates sent to them for final interviews.
5. Your investment on travel and hotel is cut down to 80%. And your TAT reduces by 50%.
6. You have a reliable candidate database with their videos to refer as and when needed.
7. Hiring Manager stops questioning quality of candidates. 

If the above looks like a dream come true, please hold your breath, we bring you an innovative product in video interview platform which will address many issues that you face while managing above mentioned activities in hiring. 

We have a proposal for you to use the video interview software from my company, Interview Master; please note this is not another Skype for you! But it has options like (a) Conduct Interviews even without interviewers / interviewee online presence (System conducts the Automated Interview) (b) watch candidates’ video response anytime, (c) comment on videos and forward to the next level executive, (d) candidates from most remote place having slowest Internet possible can also use the technology, (e) the software replicates experiences as felt in actual face-to-face interviews because candidates cannot manipulate,  pause, stop in between. It has few more similar strong features. 

Personal Computers were responsible for Typewriters' extinction. My product is already changing the way people recruit at many top MNCs and smaller organizations.  

I really believe what ever you are doing, you stand chance to gain from this invention. You can be user or seller for the product.

It would be great to chat more on this. Connect with me soon..

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  1. i hope your innovation also helps companies who have to wait for selected candidates to join them in shorter time. Presently, with 3 months notice time in most of the IT companies, this is another beast to tackle indeed.

  2. The Beast was created by people who were afraid to face attrition graph picking up. Instead of managing "employees' happiness" those corporate pushed employees back with creation of one sided regulation in the form of three months notice. Like all wrong deeds, this has come back ... It has come back to the corporates, the top 10 IT companies. In the US, still notice period at many places are within one month.... So to correct now, all IT companies should again come back and decide to abolish 'the three months slavery system' so to say!!!

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